An opiate overdose is an inappropriate use of an opiate by taking more than the prescribed/recommended dose. This can be extremely harmful to the body, both mentally and physiologically. The term overdose does not refer to a specific amount of drug, but rather the wrong usage of a drug and concerning how the body reacts to it. Factors such height, age, physical fitness, tolerance, hydration, weight and mental health can all lead to varying symptoms of overdose.

An opiate overdose is a mistake that can happen to anyone at any time, whether it is the first time use of a particular drug or subsequent use. This can happen to friends and families, loved ones that you may be abusing it. Irrespective of one’s ignorance, the consequences can be severe and life threatening. This calls for precaution in the use of any drug — but in the case of an overdose, what can be done? How can we prevent ourselves, or people that we care for, from falling victim of an overdose?

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Likely Cause Of Overdose

Overdosing on opiates happens as a result from various reasons whether drugs are taken intentionally or accidentally. Some people may also overdose as a result of addiction. Addiction is defined as the continuous use of a drug that makes the body have to cope and adjust to it, whether it becomes a chemical or mental need. Over time, constant use of such drug has less effect on the body, and this leads the user to take more doses for better effectiveness. As the dose increases, so does the risk of overdose and the other extremes — such as fatal damages to the body and health. If the user attempts to quite the opiate addiction cold turkey, chances of severe withdrawal symptoms will occur. This makes the patient feel a return of pains and chemical needs to take it to reduce these pains.

opiate addiction treatment for overdose

overdose can happen accidentally or intentionally, be aware and stay within the limit of drug prescription.


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How To Prevent Overdose

One sure way to prevent opiate overdose is to stay within the limit of drug prescription. By consulting health care providers over any ailment, you are guaranteed of getting the safe prescription, and all you are required to do is to adhere to prescribed dosage and frequency of usage. This means the patient must stop usage when it is not needed. Avoid using another person’s prescription – each individual is unique and so is the treatment to be administered. Standard procedures will ask to put the patient through a suboxone treatment program. This program will help administer help needed to fight the addiction to opiates.


How To Treat Overdose

Every incidence of overdose requires urgent medical attention irrespective of the perceived severity or symptoms shown or not shown. A thorough medical examination is needed to administer the right medication that will reverse the symptoms of overdose. A follow up is also necessary to monitor and check any complication that could still linger.

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It is necessary to seek help in ending overdose risk especially as regards addiction which is responsible for most cases of overdose. To get help for yourself or someone you love, get a hold of Men's Vitality Center where Dr. Ben Evans can help provide you with the best treatment for opiate addiction.

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