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You’ve tried everything to lose weight on your own, but you just can’t seem to make any progress. It’s not your fault. Losing weight is hard for everyone, and it’s even harder when you’re dealing with health issues or an unhealthy diet. Men’s Vitality Center in Cupertino offers medical weight loss programs that can help you finally beat male weight gain and achieve your weight loss goals. As one of the nation’s leaders in men’s health, our programs are designed specifically for men, and take into account the unique challenges that men face when trying to lose weight.

Remember that losing and maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for your overall health, longevity and quality of life, but also for your loved ones who care and depend on you. Healthy weight loss is achievable with the right information, support and medical guidance. Men’s Vitality Center has some of the best resources for weight loss for men. Our medical weight loss experts will assess the underlying cause of your weight gain and design a customized medically-supervised weight loss plan to help you successfully lose weight and keep it off for good!


What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a weight loss program that uses medical science to help men lose weight and keep it off. Often patients come to us after unsuccessfully trying to lose weight with basic diets and exercise. They are frustrated and ready to take control of their body and their health.

Medical weight loss at the Men’s Vitality Center in Cupertino is different. We take an evidence based approach towards helping our patients lose weight. We have a multifaceted program that includes nutrition, exercise, behavioral support, lifestyle changes, supplements and FDA-approved weight loss medication. We also provide expert support from our medical weight loss doctor and trained medical staff who will help you reach your weight loss goals and keep them for the long term!


Why Choose Medical Weight Loss Programs at the Men’s Vitality Center?

What makes the Men’s Vitality Center one of the top medical weight loss clinics in Arizona, is that we start by looking for underlying medical conditions or medications that may prevent you from losing weight. Our medical weight loss programs take a personalized, patient-centered approach to help you meet your weight loss and health goals. This includes customized nutrition training, behavioral counseling and exercise rehabilitation that is specific to your goals and ability!

The best medical weight loss programs focus on your unique needs and goals, which means they’re designed for success from the start. That is why emotional and behavioral support is an important aspect to our weight loss program for men. Understanding your emotional motivators that can cause overeating as well as addressing issues like depression or mood problems are necessary when it comes time to take steps towards losing those pounds! 

If you need help with cravings and hunger, we offer the option of safe FDA-approved weight loss medication and appetite suppressants. These medications make it easier for your body to process food so that those extra pounds just melt away. We want you to be successful in your weight loss journey, and we have the tools and resources to make that happen!


Medical Weight Loss: Are You A Candidate?

If traditional diets and exercise haven’t helped you or the results did not last, the reason could be due to obstacles that make losing weight extremely challenging. If this sounds like you, consider joining our medical weight loss program at the Men’s Vitality Center in Cupertino . You are an ideal candidate if you have:

Underlying Medical Conditions: Sometimes it’s not your fault that you can’t lose weight. You may have a genetic or medical condition that makes it difficult for you to manage your body weight. Our medical weight loss doctor will identify any underlying conditions that are causing your body to hold onto those extra pounds. Often treating the underlying conditions, such as low testosterone, diabetes or low thyroid, allows men to finally be successful in losing weight. 

Limited Physical Ability: Men that have a medical condition that makes physical activity or diets difficult to follow require specialized diet and exercise plans. We have a team of specialists that will create a specialized diet and exercise plan for you that meets your specific needs. We’ll supervise your progress and help you avoid injury so that you can be successful in losing weight.

Behavioral or Emotional Challenges: Lack of willpower to stick to a healthy lifestyle could be due to an unhealthy relationship with food, depression, anxiety or lack of nutritional knowledge. That is why behavioral and emotional counseling is an important part of our medical weight loss program. We will help you build healthy lifestyle habits that break through any barriers you may have holding you back from the healthy mind and body you deserve. 


Get Started And Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!

Look and feel better! Whether you want to lose 10 or 100 lbs, we are ready to design a clinical solution for you. Take the first step by calling our AZ medical weight loss clinic team at the Men’s Vitality Center to schedule your appointment. Lose that gut and boost your virility! A healthier and fuller life awaits!

Common Questions About Medical Weight Loss:

How does medical weight loss work?

Medical weight loss doctor, Dr. Ben Evans, will first assess the cause of your weight gain to determine if it is related to a metabolic condition, such as diabetes, or hormone imbalance. Next, a customized weight loss plan that meets your individual needs and goals will be developed that may include: An exercise regimen that takes into account any physical limitations you may have. A realistic, easy to follow dietary plan. Nutritional supplements. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). FDA-Approved weight loss medications Ongoing counseling to support your physical and emotional well-being throughout the weight loss process and maintenance phase.

Is medical weight loss covered by insurance?

Some aspects of medical weight loss treatment are covered by most insurance providers. For example, obesity screening and counseling is considered preventative health care and is covered by insurance. Some weight loss medications require specific conditions to be met to be covered by insurance, such as a BMI of at least 27 in some instances. Other supplements or meal plans are not covered by insurance. Some exercise recommendations, such as physical therapy, may also be covered by insurance.

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