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We are Arizona’s leading provider of Primary Care for women. As a primary care doctor and internal medicine specialist, Dr. Evans and his team offer personalized, quality care to women throughout the Greater Phoenix Metro area. We take the time to get to know our patients and understand their individual health needs and concerns. This individualized approach allows us to provide the best possible care for each of our patients.

We understand that you have unique health needs. That’s why we offer comprehensive and convenient primary care services designed specifically for you. From preventive screenings and wellness exams to treatment for common conditions like diabetes and hormone replacement treatment (HRT) for women, we provide the quality care you need to stay healthy and feel your best.


Primary Care Services For Women

As a primary care clinic, we offer a full range of services to meet your health needs. We provide preventive screenings and wellness exams, treat common conditions, and offer medication reviews and lifestyle counseling to help you stay healthy. We also offer same-day appointments for urgent care needs.

Our primary care services include:

Preventive screenings and wellness exams: We recommend that all women have regular preventive screenings and wellness exams to help identify health risks early and keep them from becoming more serious. We offer a variety of screenings, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and prostate cancer screenings.

Treatment for common conditions: We treat a wide range of common conditions that affect women, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 

Medication reviews: We offer medication reviews to ensure that you are taking the right medications for your condition. We will also check for drug interactions and side effects.

Lifestyle counseling: We offer lifestyle counseling to help you make healthy choices that can improve your overall health. We can provide advice on diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors that can impact your health.

We are able to provide comprehensive healthcare by offering specialized treatments in addition to primary care services.  We offer treatment services for acute illness and injuries, management of chronic medical conditions, women’s hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, opiate addiction treatment and more.


We are the Women’s Health Expert

We are the most trusted primary care office for women in metro Phoenix thanks to our team of women’s health specialists. For over 15 years, we have become a trusted destination for women wanting to take control and optimize their health and vitality at all ages. We provide quality primary care services in an integrative setting by combining the latest in medical health care science with holistic approaches, such as IV Drip Therapy. Our goal is to help our patients look and feel their best at any age.

We are also recognized as the top specialists for hormone replacement therapy, which is the fastest growing medical treatment for men and women. Our HRT treatment plans are based on the latest clinical research to promote safe, effective treatments that deliver fast results.


Primary Care Physician: Why Do You Need One?

A primary care doctor is your healthcare advocate. With routine check-ups, we are able to build a robust knowledge of how you’re feeling and how your body works.  If something does go wrong with any aspect of your health, your primary care doctor can catch health concerns early providing diagnoses and treatments that will save you from unnecessary suffering, frustration or possible serious health consequences. If you require treatment at your home, hospital or rehab center, we help coordinate your care with other specialists and monitor your progress to make sure you get the best care possible.


Get Started For Optimal Health!

Whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up or you’re feeling under the weather, our team of experienced providers are here to help. We offer comprehensive care and will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. Request an appointment with us to get started now! We look forward to meeting you!


Common Questions About Primary Care Doctors

Why choose an internist as your primary care physician (PCP)?

While general practitioners or GPs - also called family doctors - treat individuals of all ages, internists or internal medicine doctors specialize in caring for adults 18 years and older. An internist’s training allows them to treat nearly any medical problem an adult may face. This can range from mild, short-term illnesses to severe chronic conditions. The benefit is a long-term medical relationship that allows your primary care doctor to better understand your health needs and advocate on your behalf.

What does a primary care physician do?

A primary care physician not only treats you when you are sick, but we also help you stay healthy! Through a combination of wellness, health education and preventative services we help you stay in optimum health.

Services that we provide not directly related to treating an illness include:
- Pre-employment, sports or annual Physical examinations
- STD screenings
- Consultations for health concerns of all kinds
- Flu shots
- Assist with healthy lifestyle changes, such as losing weight
- Vision exams
- Health concerns specific to men or women.

For general, non-life threatening symptoms of general illness, your primary care physician is your first stop for care. Symptoms such as headaches, back or abdominal pain, flu symptoms, bacterial infections or flare-ups of ongoing conditions like asthma can be diagnosed and often treated in our office. If needed, we can refer you to a specialist who can diagnose your condition. Then, we can help you manage your condition on an ongoing basis.

As primary care providers, we also provide care for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure. Through ongoing monitoring and medication management, we can help you manage your condition. If you require hospitalization or rehabilitation at any time, we can coordinate those services as well.

Why is it important to have a primary care doctor?

A primary care doctor is your healthcare advocate. With routine visits, we are able to build a robust knowledge of your health history allowing us to catch potential disease early allowing for the best outcome. We can diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses, but we also refer patients to specialists and specialty diagnostic tests if needed. If your condition requires ongoing treatment from a variety of different specialists, we monitor and coordinate those services on your behalf. Whether you are receiving care in hospital, in a rehab center or in-home, your primary care physician can coordinate it all to make sure you get the best care possible.

How often should you see your primary care doctor?

If you are in good health, a routine physical exam once a year is ideal to make sure diseases are prevented or identified in their earliest stages. This allows for you and your doctor to deal with them before they develop further or worsen. If you have a chronic disease or other ongoing health issues, you may want to visit your primary care doctor more often.

How much does a primary care doctor visit cost?

All patients are welcome at Men's Vitality Center, whether they have insurance or not. We accept Medicare, most commercial insurances such as Cigna, United Health Care, Aetna, Banner, Tricare among others, and even offer affordable cash payment rates. There may be additional charges if tests such as blood tests, urine tests or x-rays are recommended. Any tests that are necessary and may result in additional costs will be discussed with you in advance.

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