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Being a man means doing what’s right. Taking care of your health, specifically, cholesterol management, is simply the right thing to do, not only for yourself but for your loved ones as well. Your friends and family depend on you to keep yourself healthy so that you’re around as long as possible. After all, it’s your responsibility to be there for them.

Has your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol? Do you have a family history of high cholesterol? Have you been to a doctor lately to get yourself a checkup? We think it’s time to call the Men’s Vitality Center, where we are the nation’s leading men’s primary medical service provider. We can get you on the right track – plus, your family and friends will love you for it.

We know that it may seem to be that at best, going to the doctor is a hassle, and at worst, shows some sort of weakness.  In reality, it’s far less masculine to hide from the truth. How much do you know about cholesterol?

High Cholesterol with Poor Management Facts

  • High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and several other health problems.
  • There are no symptoms of high cholesterol.
  • More than 34 million Americans have levels of cholesterol that put them at risk for high cholesterol-related health problems.
  • Some people are just predisposed to high cholesterol. It runs in their family and they have to step up and manage it for their loved ones.
  • If you were able to take a look at your cholesterol-clogged arteries, they’d look like they were lined with a thick layer of butter.
  • Cholesterol can show up on your skin as redish-yellow patches. These are called xanthomas and normally show up in people who have other health problems like diabetes.
  • You can have low cholesterol, too, and that can also be unhealthy! Low cholesterol has been linked to anxiety and depression.
  • Cholesterol-free food can still raise your cholesterol!
  • High cholesterol is linked to erectile dysfunction. That means that it’s not only bad for your heart, but for your relationships, too!

So, with this in mind, why aren’t you picking up the phone to call us right now? Cholesterol is complicated and requires a medical evaluation for diagnosis and management in order to restore normal cholesterol levels. Only a medical professional can tell you if you need medication to lower your bad cholesterol levels, or if a simple change to your lifestyle will be enough to help with cholesterol management.

It’s time to pick up the phone or stop by the Men’s Vitality Center. We can help you with much more than cholesterol management.  We treat and manage low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, physical exams, and other medical issues that you’ve been putting off for far too long!

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