Prescription drug abuse can stem from taking it constantly, especially if the user is ingesting more than the recommended dosage. Although most people will take these medications responsibly, it has been gathered that more than 20 percent of those aged 12 or above have used these drugs for non-medical reasons at least once in their life. Prescription drug abuse stems from the thought that these are less harmful than illicit drugs, which results in continuous use.

There are three different types of prescription drugs that are all highly addictive: opiate addiction, stimulant addiction, and benzodiazepine (benzo) addiction. Although each of these drugs are given for medical reasons, prescription drug abuse may lead to addiction treatment and rehab later in life.


Opiate Prescription Drug Abuse

The most common prescription drug addictions come from opiate painkillers. These drugs are given as medications to help moderate severe chronic or acute pain. Opiate abuse has been risen every year in America. Teens without prescriptions will often steal these pills from their parents and/or grandparents, and from then an addiction is formed. The result of opiate prescription drug abuse is deadly, and may lead to professional rehab and suboxone treatment.

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Stimulant Drug Addiction Abuse

Stimulants are often given to people with ADD. ADHD, narcolepsy, and weight problems. The effects of the drug increases the user’s energy levels, heart rate, and metabolism. Many people will have suppressed appetite, and will feel happier and chattier at first. However, when the effects wear off, the “comedown” mood will change to depression, irritability, and upset stomach.

Benzo Prescription Drug Abuse

When people have anxiety, a common drug to be given as medication are tranquilizers or sedatives. Often used for a short amount of time, these drugs are a great crutch for those battling chronic anxiety issues. However, abusers who takes benzo will find themselves with worse anxiety problems, because tolerance to the drug will require increase dosage. This is a vicious cycle that may result in the addiction.


How to Handle Prescription Drug Abuse

No matter the situation, addiction treatment rehab is the answer if you or your loved ones are going through it. Attempting to stop cold turkey is not the answer. Instead, come in and see Dr. Ben Evans today to receive the best medical care and addiction treatment.

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