PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

Nonsurgical Treatment for Arthritis and Sports Injuries

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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy at our metro Phoenix men’s health clinics offer a groundbreaking treatment for patients with arthritis, joint pain, or sports injuries. This non-surgical treatment promotes healing and relief, enhancing movement and functionality for individuals struggling with persistent joint pain. Through a procedure that is both quick and minimally invasive, many have found this solution to be an effective alternative to surgeries and prescription painkillers. Patients experience a substantial reduction in discomfort and marked improvement in mobility. Individual experiences can differ, and discussing with one of our PRP specialists will give you a clearer picture of what to expect.


Ideal Candidates for PRP Therapy

PRP therapy is an excellent solution for individuals suffering from joint issues, degenerative diseases, or sports injuries. Ideal candidates are those experiencing chronic joint pain, particularly in areas like knees, hips, or shoulders, possibly due to conditions like osteoarthritis. PRP therapy is a popular treatment for athletes with tendon injuries or individuals with slow-healing wounds. It is beneficial if conventional therapies have not provided the expected relief and you want to avoid prescription painkillers or surgery. Our PRP specialists are available for consultations to assess your condition and can tell you if PRP therapy is right for you.


PRP Therapy Procedure Technique

PRP therapy begins by taking a small quantity of your blood, similar to the amount used for a regular blood test. This blood undergoes centrifugation to separate the platelet-rich plasma, which is then prepared as an injection. Our PRP specialists will accurately administer the PRP injection into the affected joint region to facilitate healing and alleviate pain. After the injection, a personalized rehabilitation program might be suggested to boost the results.


What to Expect from Your PRP Therapy Treatment

Many patients observe a significant reduction in joint pain, often in the weeks following the treatment, accompanied by enhanced mobility in the afflicted joint. The process requires minimal downtime, allowing you to return to daily routines and eventually resume strenuous activities under the guidance of our specialists. Regular follow-ups are conducted to gauge your progress and adapt the treatment plan.


Want To Learn More About PRP Injection Therapy?

If you suffer from chronic joint pain due to injury or underlying disease, you may benefit from noninvasive PRP Treatments. Contact Us to discover more about how PRP injections can help you live a more active and fulfilling life.


Common Questions About PRP Therapy

How long does it take to see results from PRP Therapy?

Results from PRP therapy can vary, but generally, patients may start noticing improvements within a few weeks to a couple of months post-treatment. The healing process is gradual as the PRP promotes the tissue's natural regeneration. It may take longer to observe significant improvements for certain conditions or treatments. Individual experiences can differ, and discussing with one of our PRP specialists will give you a clearer picture of what to expect.

How long do the results from PRP treatment last?

PRP treatment results can vary depending on the individual's specific condition and the treatment area. Typically, the positive effects of PRP treatment for joint pain can last anywhere from several months to over a year. Some individuals may require periodic follow-up treatments to maintain the benefits.

Is PRP therapy painful?

The pain associated with PRP therapy can vary depending on individual pain tolerance and the area being treated. Generally, patients might experience a mild to moderate level of discomfort during the injection, similar to other injections. There might also be some soreness or swelling in the treated area post-procedure. Please discuss any concerns about pain with your provider, who can take steps to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you.

Are there any risks with PRP therapy?

PRP therapy is generally considered safe since it utilizes the patient's own blood, and there is no chance of an allergic reaction. This minimizes the risk of side effects. As with any injection, pain or swelling at the injection site is the most common side effect of PRP injections.

Can I use my HSA money for my concierge medicine membership?

HSAs or FSAs typically work the same with concierge care as they do with traditional physician practices. You can use these funds for any additional out of pocket costs, such as prescriptions or lab tests not included in your membership fee.

Do I have access to my concierge doctor outside of office hours?

Yes! One of the perks of concierge medicine is the ability to access your doctor by virtual appointment or phone outside of normal office hours.

Should I keep my medical insurance if I become a member?

Our concierge medical program only covers primary care. You will need insurance to cover surgeries, hospitalizations, specialty care, ER visits and any other healthcare services that aren't performed in our primary care office.

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