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Our Concierge medicine option is expertly designed to reduce healthcare costs while enhancing your healthcare experience. This membership-based medical model provides a more personalized, attentive healthcare service. We offer various local health services at significantly reduced rates for a nominal monthly fee, which perfectly complements any low-cost, high-deductible health plan. This innovative approach enables you or your employees to avoid out-of-pocket expenses while maintaining preventive health and wellness routines.


The Benefits of Choosing Our Concierge Medicine Membership

  1. Cost-Effective Health Plans – Our service goes well with catastrophic coverage and high deductible plans, allowing you to reduce expenses associated with traditional medical plans.
  2. Routine Health and Wellness Visits – We facilitate regular health check-ups without imposing a financial strain on you or your employees, encouraging a proactive approach to health management.
  3. Low Monthly Membership Pricing – Joining is easy and inexpensive. Membership is $175/mth for an individual and $250/mth for a family (children age 18-25) with a maximum of 4 people per plan and immediate family only. A one-time registration fee of $100 (Individual) or $150 (Family) will be charged at time of enrollment.


Our Concierge Medicine Services Include:

Our concierge medicine program, a membership-based medical model, aims to revolutionize how healthcare is delivered. We offer various local health services at significantly reduced rates for a nominal monthly fee. This allows you to avoid out-of-pocket expenses while maintaining your health and wellness routines. Our Concierge medical plan includes:

  • One monthly on-site visit. (Additional in-person visits available for added fee).
  • Unlimited Urgent Care Virtual Visits (including nights and weekends).
  • Prescription Renewals, Referral, and Lab Orders.
  • Health Screening/Chronic Health Management
  • Wellness Plan (tailored to meet the needs of the patient).
  • Highly discounted prescription prices through our pharmacy partner


Meet Our Phoenix Concierge Medicine Doctor: Dr. Ben Evans

Concierge doctor – Dr. Charles Benjamin “Ben” Evans II grew up in Flagstaff and earned his undergraduate degree from Northern Arizona University and medical degree from the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Dr. Evans completed his residency in Internal Medicine in Phoenix, followed by a role as a Hospitalist before opening the Men’s Vitality Center and Men's Vitality Center clinics. He is an experienced and skilled bilingual (Spanish) Board-Certified Internist who takes pride in helping his patients live healthier, more functional, and more fulfilling lives. Dr. Ben Evans is a confidant and a dedicated partner in health to his patients. The concierge medicine model naturally fits his deep-seated commitment to wellness and a personalized approach to medicine.


A Concierge Medical Plan for Your Business

Our Concierge Medical Plan alleviates small business owners’ pressures in providing health benefits to their workforce. Selecting the Concierge Medicine option will minimize the healthcare costs for your business and enhance the well-being and satisfaction of your employees. This is a golden opportunity if you are among the employers who still need to provide a medical plan. 


Ready To Join Our Concierge Medicine Program?

We are dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable, and personalized concierge medicine services to support our mission of fostering a healthier, happier community. Complete the form below to receive more information about how our concierge medical services can transform your healthcare and the way you approach employee benefits. 



Common Questions About Concierge Medicine

Can I use my HSA money for my concierge medicine membership?

HSAs or FSAs typically work the same with concierge care as they do with traditional physician practices. You can use these funds for any additional out of pocket costs, such as prescriptions or lab tests not included in your membership fee.

Do I have access to my concierge doctor outside of office hours?

Yes! One of the perks of concierge medicine is the ability to access your doctor by virtual appointment or phone outside of normal office hours.

Should I keep my medical insurance if I become a member?

Our concierge medical program only covers primary care. You will need insurance to cover surgeries, hospitalizations, specialty care, ER visits and any other healthcare services that aren't performed in our primary care office.

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