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A medical clearance or preoperative evaluation is scheduled with a primary care doctor prior to a planned surgery. During the evaluation, your overall health will be assessed and your medical provider will make suggestions on how to prepare for your surgery.

Your preoperative evaluation may include a general health assessment, a physical exam and diagnostic tests such as urine tests, EKG testing and blood tests that are analyzed in our in-office lab. The specific tests will vary based on your age, medical history, the type of surgery you are scheduled for and your level of risk. The goal of a pre-op evaluation is to reduce the risk of surgery and shorten recovery time for the best outcome possible.

Common Questions About Pre-Op Evaluations and Medical Clearance

What tests are done in a pre op evaluation?

During your pre-op evaluation you will be asked about your health and medical history. A blood test, blood pressure check and EKG test will be performed. Depending on the type of surgery you are preparing to undergo, your surgeon may request other tests, such as x-rays, stress tests and lung function tests. The doctor will document the results of your tests in a report to share with the surgeon.

How long before my operation should I have my pre-op evaluation?

You will want to receive your medical clearance 2-3 weeks before your operation is scheduled. This gives your doctors time to address any concerns that may prevent your scheduled procedure.

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