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As an internal medicine doctor, Dr. Ben Evans specializes in adult men’s and women’s health. He is trained to diagnose, treat and care for adults that are in need of medical services ranging from preventative medicine to complex illnesses.

At Men's Vitality Center, we are dedicated to your complete health and wellness through our array of internal medicine services. Through disease prevention and wellness services for men and women, substance abuse treatment, IV drip therapies, mental health support, and effective treatments of medical problems affecting all parts of the body, we provide essential medicine to men and women across the Metro Phoenix area through each of our 6 locations.

While many internal medicine services are general to both men and women, some are specific. These include breast cancer screenings and pap smears for women and prostate cancer screenings (PSA tests) and testosterone replacement therapy for men. Our offices provide a full spectrum of medical services to meet the needs of adult men and women of all ages.

Common Questions About Men's and Women's Internal Medicine

What do you see an internal medicine doctor for?

You would see an internist for a diagnosis or treatment related to any adult health concern. Additionally, an internal medicine doctor is a great choice for a primary care provider. They are specifically trained to monitor and treat any health-related problem you may encounter as an adult. Their ability to care for a wide variety of health conditions and offer counseling on prevention and overall wellness make them an excellent resource.

Should you choose an internal medicine doctor for your primary care doctor?

As an adult, choosing an internal medicine doctor as your primary care physician is an excellent choice as the goal of a primary care provider is to establish a long-term healthcare relationship. They can provide you with a broad range of services ranging from routine physicals, screenings and tests helping you to remain healthy, as well diagnosing and treating you if a serious illness should arise.

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