There are many causes that can the hormonal balances in adults, especially from foods that lower testosterone. One of the big issues of low testosterone is low sex drive – a.k.a. low libido. The factors of low libido involve sociological, psychological, and hormonal influences. Testosterone, a natural male hormone, will affect libido if there are not enough hormones being produced in the body. Although a cause for this can be hereditary, there are many ways one could prevent this from happening. One of the easiest steps is to watch the foods being consumed.

Below we will explore the five different types of foods that lower testosterone to be avoided or consumed less often to keep hormones happy.


5 Common Foods That Lower Testosterone

Microwaveable Popcorn

Even if staying home, making dinner and watching a movie accompanied by microwaveable popcorn may be romantic, it can be a big regret later down the road. Microwaveable popcorn contains chemical compounds lined along the side of the bags that can cause a disturbance to hormone production. Some of these chemicals (for example, perfluorooctanoic acid) can go as far as damaging your production and causing future prostate problems. Our suggestion? Avoid this food that lowers testosterone. An alternative is buying pre-made popcorn either from the grocery store or running to your local movie theaters (as long as they are okay with it!).

microwaveable foods that lower testosterone

Microwaveable foods that lower testosterone, like popcorn, can affect testosterone levels that come from the chemicals found in the linings of the bag.


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Various kinds of cheeses are available in many romantic supper dates (pasta, pizza…etc.). Even though consumption of daily is not bad, it isn’t recommended to take such high amounts on a regular basis. Cheese made from cow’s milk can seriously mess with your body’s organic hormonal production. Not only that, but most cheeses will contain synthetic hormones that can conflict with your body’s hormones.

It is to be understood here that cheese consumption is not bad; it is the overconsumption these foods that lower testosterone. Don’t let these foods do harm and risk lowering your testosterone.



A glass of wine, fruity cocktail, or liquor a day isn’t all bad, but drinking a lot more over an extended amount of time and your testosterone levels will suffer. Alcohol is a depressant; this means it can inhibit the full capability of a man to achieve and maintain an erection. Extensive drinkers will mostly agree that not only does this impair our bedroom performances, but can affect the mental mood overall as well.

alcohol and foods that lower testosterone

Drinking every day excessively can lead to poor bedroom performance (if any) and affect testosterone levels.


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On top of that, daily consumption can bring on weight gain. All of the calories add up, and the extra weight can definitely reduce libido for all parties.


Fast Food

Hotdogs, burgers, french fries…all of the items found in junk food restaurants ought to be consumed consciously. Even though many will say that fast food is terrible for you (it can be), it’s not just because it contributes to weight gain. These food items that are typically made with low-grade meats are mostly prepared with huge chemical content. The chemical compounds make a difference in testosterone production, especially for those that normally consume fast foods. Our suggestion for those that consume these foods normally is limit yourself to only 2-3 meals a week. Once you’re more confident and less reliant on fast food, reduce it to only once a week.

fast foods that lower testosterone

Consumption of fast foods that lower testosterone will also contribute to unwanted weight gain.


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Various soda products will contain large levels of sugars and calories. Intake of sugars that are not needed will influence weight gain. Unwanted weight gain can contribute to future cardiovascular system disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Although sodas are not necessarily a “food that lowers testosterone”, it is still a consumable that should be limited.

Fun Fact: Diet sodas marketed to contain no sugars are far worse than normal soda. These types of sodas include an artificial sweetener, called aspartame, which directly affects your serotonin amounts. Why is this important? Serotonin is an essential hormone that directly impacts sex drive.


What to Do to Increase Testosterone

There are many methods that you can take to increase testosterone. Similar to this article, there are also foods that can do the opposite and naturally boost your testosterone levels. Other natural methods are exercising more often, getting a healthy amount of sleep each night, and maintaining your cortisol levels (this contributes to stress). If all else fails, it may be time to visit a physician to get your testosterone levels checked on. These physicians, also called Endocrinologists, specialize in adult hormonal balances.

To learn more, visit our page on testosterone replacement therapy today. Don’t let foods that lower testosterone be the cause of lowered sex drive. Our testosterone treatment is utilized to help adults feel like themselves again. If you are in the Mesa, Arizona area, you can schedule an appointment with us today!

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