When it comes to selecting a primary care physician for your health, it is important to understand the two classifications: family medicine vs internal medicine physicians. Both classes are similar in medical attention, but there are also fundamental differences that may benefit patients from all age ranges.

The common goals of primary care physicians are to help protect and improve your health, find the best treatment for any medical concerns, and ensure your well-being. Both are fully capable of treating patients regardless of age and general medical concerns. However, internists will solely focus on adults and their medical illnesses.


The Differences of Family Medicine vs Internal Medicine

Although both may treat ailments for all ages, internists will try to only specialize for adults over 18. Most of the time internal medicine practices do not have options for treating children.

Family medicine doctors will more often treat women and their children. This makes it easier for the family to be seen together, as well as the primary physician to develop a lasting relationship with them.

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family medicine doctor with children

Family medicine doctors will primarily see adults and their entire family, including children.


Internists provide a wide scope of primary care, including preventive care as well as treatment for a variety of complex adult diseases, like high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, opioid addiction and more. With family medicine physicians, the primary focus is on comprehensive care. Rather than just focusing on one health concern, comprehensive care will look into the whole patient. This is extremely important for younger children.


Benefits of Family Medicine vs Internal Medicine Physicians

Many family medicine doctors have said one of the benefits is seeing how relationships develop between family members and the impact on health. When looking at the health of those in their adolescence stage, it is important to see how their relationships and medical history with the parents. This allows the physician to differentiate if the medical issues can be prevented in the future or will need intensive medical procedures.

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With internal medicine, the primary care doctors serve for non-complicated patients. They are trained to specifically deal with medical complexities with adults who may have many uncontrollable problems. Considered as experts in the diagnosis, chronic illness, and disease prevention, internists are generally sought by adults who want a more expert “opinion” on their medical concerns.


Internal Medicine Doctors will primarily see adults and focus on their more serious diseases.


Where to Find a Family Medicine Doctor or Internist

The first step before seeking a specific primary care physician is determining what your health needs are. As convenient as it can be to have your entire family treated by one practice, it is more important to make sure they can provide the best advice and direction for any illnesses. Finding an internal medicine doctor is just a Google search away, but finding one that you can rely on is not as easy. Always ask friends or family who their doctors are since they are more likely to give you an honest testimonial of their primary care physician.

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