Arizona is currently experiencing a spike in Covid-19 cases. It is becoming so widespread that Governor Doug Ducey recently ordered the shutdown of water parks, tubing, gyms and movie theaters among other businesses. Over the last ten days alone, the state has recorded about 30,000 new cases. Experts project that the number of infections will rise drastically in the coming days. Being able to identify who had the virus using the antibody test is important as we try to better understand and gain control of this outbreak.

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What is the importance of antibody testing for COVID-19?

The COVID-19 antibody test can determine whether you have had Covid-19 in the past and developed antibodies against the disease. Antibody testing, also known as serology testing, is a simple blood test usually done after the patient has fully recovered from Covid-19.

One of the crucial benefits of getting the Covid-19 antibody test in Arizona, is that it indicates whether an individual was infected with Covid-19 at some point in the past. Experts still believe that many Covid-19 cases have not been documented. Antibody testing for Covid-19 will help to show the number of Covid-19 infections that went undetected.

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Antibody testing can also give you peace of mind as it indicates whether your body has developed some form of immunity against the virus. Antibodies are a form of protection that the body develops to fight the virus. Experts believe that developing antibodies against the virus makes a person immune for a specific period. Studies are still ongoing, and only time will tell whether having antibodies makes someone immune to Covid-19.

Another benefit of antibody testing for Covid-19 is that it shows the number of people who have developed antibodies, thus eligible to donate part of their blood to treat other patients with severe cases. Those who have fully recovered are encouraged to take an antibody test and donate their plasma if it turns out positive.


Who should get an antibody test for Covid-19?

The need to get a Covid-19 antibody test in Arizona is becoming increasingly important. But the big question is, who should get it? The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention recommends the following groups of people to take an antibody test for Covid-19.

  • Healthcare workers
  • Recovered Covid-19 patients
  • Covid-19 caregivers
  • Those who have had close contact of known cases
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If you test positive for the Covid-19 antibody test, are you now immune?

Testing positive for Covid 19 antibody test does not guarantee that you are immune to the virus, at least not yet. This is because people develop different types of antibodies. You can also test positive but have a very low level of antibodies. A recent study revealed that about 30% of patients who fully recovered from Covid-19 in China had very low levels of antibodies. This means that these groups of people are still at risk of getting subsequent reinfections. Also, some patients who test positive for Covid-19 antibody test develop antibodies that are not very effective in protecting them against reinfections. However, experts believe that those who develop a high level of antibodies can be immune to this virus for an extended period.

The bottom line is that studies are finding that your level of immunity depends on the level of antibodies developed. For instance, if you have a high level of antibodies, your immunity level also goes up, meaning that you will be more protected against this virus. On the other hand, if you develop low antibody levels, your immunity will also be low.

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The relationship between positive antibodies and immunity to Covid-19 has not yet been established. It is still not known how much protection antibodies provide and how long they last. Experts still don’t know the amount of antibody required to make a person entirely immune to Covid-19, but agree that it offers some level of protection. So, it is recommended that you do not assume that you are immune if you test positive for the Covid 19 antibody test.


How to get the Covid-19 antibody test in Arizona

At Men's Vitality Center, those who were symptomatic, but have fully recovered from Covid-19 and those who may have been asymptomatic are eligible to receive the Covid-19 antibody test. In most cases, the cost of the Covid-19 antibody test is fully covered by most insurance companies. Schedule an appointment today at our ScottsdaleTempeGlendalePhoenixAvondale, or Mesa, Arizona office to receive your Covid-19 antibody test. You can learn more by visiting this informational page on Covid-19 Antibody Testing.

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