If you are 45 or older, a male, have type 2 diabetes, and are having trouble with sleeping and your sex life, the problem could be low testosterone.

Recent studies have suggested that low testosterone was found in up to one-third of men who possess type 2 diabetes. With those men, those who are over 45 are twice as likely to be diagnosed with low testosterone.


Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Sexual Problems Low testosterone in men can cause low sex drive. It has been reported that about 70 percent of men report erectile dysfunction. Another 63 percent report diminished sex drive.

Energy Problems: Many may feel tired and find themselves falling asleep early in the evening. Low energy output in men will also generally affect their sex drive as well, and other facets in life such as diet and exercise.

Strength Problems: Noticeable drop in muscle mass, endurance, and/or performance at work or sports may occur.

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Emotional Problems: Men will feel generally more emotional, abnormally sad, or lose interest in the things they used to enjoy.


So What Causes Low T in Men with Diabetes?

Research has been shown to correlate men with low T are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, although it is not clear whether one causes the other. Testosterone enhances the body’s response to insulin. That makes it possible that a lower level of testosterone can have the adverse effects.

The best thing to do to manage or prevent this from happening is to take care of the risk of diabetes by controlling body weight. A healthy weight, diet, and exercise are very important in managing type 2 diabetes, as well as testosterone levels.

It is recommended for men to get their testosterone levels and blood sugar levels checked if they have been experiencing increased drowsiness and low energy. If you or someone you know may have problems with these symptoms, come into Men's Vitality Center and see Dr. Ben Evans today!

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