Are you trying to find what are hot flashes in men and how they can be treated? We are here to make the process easier by showing the causes, symptoms, and treatments for hot flashes in men! If you deal with this rare condition, then don’t hesitate and understand what it causes right away.


What are Hot Flashes in Men?

These hot flashes appear mostly due to hormonal fluctuation. In fact, men are known to have at least a 2% drop in the testosterone levels each year after they reach 30 – so, it’s something normal. But sometimes the hot flashes in men can appear from a sudden drop in testosterone depending on the situation and what causes it. This is quite normal and typically will not require drastic measures such as testosterone replacement therapy.

Potential Causes of Hot Flashes

These can appear after a prostate cancer treatment named androgen deprivation. This therapy is focused on restricting testosterone production which sometimes may result in low testosterone. Although not normal, this is all entirely possible.

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Changes to your daily routine can also cause this issue, so try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Eating right with testosterone boosting foods can help a lot with getting rid of these hot flashes too!

hot flashes in men staying active

Staying healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle can help prevent hot flashes in men.

These hot flashes can also stem from side effects from other medications. Check with your doctor or pharmacist on these side effects and if they may contribute to the problem. If so, it is best to seek medical attention for an alternative to your current prescription.

Possible Symptoms of Hot Flashes

Usually identifying hot flashes in men can be very hard. However, such things things like skin reddening, intense sweating and a sensation of warmth may appear out of nowhere. These symptoms are hard to identify and could be passed as just a common cold, allergic reaction..etc. This makes it very hard to figure out what causes the problem and how it can be dealt with. Referring back to the previous point, if after four months of androgen deprivation treatment hot flashes are still occurring, then it is time to speak with a doctor.

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How Can Hot Flashes be Treated?

The best thing you can do is to stay away from the most common triggers. Things like alcohol, coffee, spicy foods, warm room temperatures, tight or even heavier clothing, smoking can all contribute to this problem. Some people try to take antidepressants to get rid of the pain. Although this may help in the immediate sense, over a period of time these types of drugs will do the body more harm. It is important to avoid and try to get rid of hot flashes, but failure to understand how to appropriately treat it will result in more future problems.

hot flashes in men foods to avoid

Avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods as they can trigger hot flashes.

However, if the problem persists, it’s important to talk with your doctor before you opt for any medication. Testosterone treatment can help greatly, but not everyone will need it. Changing your lifestyle and diet will come in handy, as well as working out, avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking. If so, the results will be more than amazing in the end. Even though it is common to say that no one should expect results immediately, being patient with the method of treatment will be the quickest and safest way to get rid of the hot flashes. Take your time and these hot flashes will be gone before you know it!

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