One of the most common cause of allergic reactions stem from our own homes — pet allergies account for one of the largest cause of allergies. The cause of allergy reactions may come from harmless proteins in pet’s urine, saliva or dander. If the presence of your pet is causing you discomfort, below is a list of treatments for allergies that can help reduce symptoms associated with pet dander and will help you get back to loving and caring for your pet.

Brush and bathe your pet.

Just like human beings, it is important to have good hygiene. Maintaining a good hygiene will prevent your pet from itching, developing skin irritations, and remove accumulated dirt. Brushing your pet daily along with weekly bath will help reduce dander that accumulated within the pet’s fur.

Vacuum more often.

Vacuum frequently will help reduce nasal congestions or respiratory rate. Pet allergies tend to come from bringing dirt inside the house and also rub off oil onto carpets, therefore vacuuming frequently can prevent bad odor and prevent any sickness that may come along with it.

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See your allergist.

Despite these measures, treatment for allergies concerning pets/animals can be more severe to some people. By going to your health care provider, they are able to tell how severe your allergy is and prescribe you the right medication.

Be prepared

ALWAYS carry antihistamine especially if you know you are allergic to certain type of animals. Taking non-drowsy antihistamine like claritin can help you control your allergy symptoms when you’re visiting a household with pets.

Use a HEPA filter

Installing a HEPA air cleaner to your heating and air conditioning system can help control the allergen that is circulating in the air. It’s best to run the filter for at least 4 hours a day.
Many people will find that these home treatments work well as prevention cases, before they risk developing allergies from their pets. However, some may experience more drastic effects, and may have uncontrollable allergy attacks that may lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. If you or your family member has animal allergies, come in to Dr. Ben Evans today. Getting control of your symptoms will make you feel better, and help with your treatment for allergies.

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