Men who have low levels of testosterone have found that exercise may help.

There are many factors in exercising that can influence your testosterone levels. One thing is clear: you need to make exercise a habit to get the benefits.

Exercise boosts your testosterone levels immediately after, but not for long. For men who may already be suffering from low testosterone, exercise alone probably won’t help raise their levels back to normal. However, for those borderline between normal and low, working out will have a much more potent effect.

4 Components That Matter

Your age, weight, fitness level, and timing of your workout make up the components that matter.


Although older men seem to get less of a post-exercise boost in testosterone, there are still benefits that can help. Exercise for older men will aid in bone and muscle health, as well as a better balance in their bodies.


If you are overweight, exercise can improve your testosterone levels. By shedding some weight off, your body functions can improve and help regulate the testosterone levels back to a healthy balance.

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Fitness Level

If you are new to exercising, you will get a bigger, though still brief, boost in testosterone than a man who’s already in good shape. However, after a few weeks, your body will grow used to the challenge. Eventually, the hormone response will be less from the same workout.


Testosterone levels vary at different hours of the day. Levels are normally the highest in the morning, and lowest in the afternoon. Although exercising in the morning boosts your energy throughout the day, waiting to exercise after work will provide an even bigger testosterone jump.

Give yourself enough time to rest in between your work outs, and eat healthy to help your body recover. If you are unsure about your T levels and need a check-up, give Dr. Ben a call today!

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