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Glendale Weight Loss Clinic

For over 15 years, our Glendale Weight Loss Clinic has been offering Glendale residents the best weight loss programs in the Valley. We specialize in developing a weight loss plan that is safe, successful and personalized for each patient. We’ve helped thousands of men lose weight and keep it off through medically-supervised programs that are tailored to each individual. Our medical staff will help you achieve your goals enabling you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Currently we offer programs that include exercise that takes into account any physical limitations you may have, a realistic, easy to follow dietary plan, metabolism boosting supplements, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), and FDA-approved weight loss medications and fat burners.  Our Glendale weight loss clinic is conveniently located between N 51st Ave and W Michigan Ave.


Why Is Our Weight Loss Clinic in Glendale, AZ Right For You?

Men’s Vitality Center has Weight Loss Clinics in Glendale, AZ as well as many Weight Loss clinics throughout Arizona to better serve you. The weight loss experts at our Glendale clinic are always ready to help you with any of your weight loss needs. With highly trained medical staff that includes a medical weight loss doctor, nurses and assistants who have helped thousands achieve their goal – we will make sure it’s an easy process for you! 

Our medical weight loss program combines nutrition, exercise, behavioral and emotional support, lifestyle changes, supplements, FDA-approved weight loss medication and expert support from trained medical professionals. There is no better place than at the Men’s Vitality Center to reach your weight loss goals. We are known throughout the state of Arizona as one of the best men’s health clinics. Let us help you get started on your AZ medical weight loss journey today! 


Glendale Weight Loss Doctor

Our weight loss doctor, Dr. Charles Ben Evans, is a medical weight loss specialist who has helped patients fight male weight gain with lasting results. Dr. Evans guides patients through the weight loss program using the latest in science-backed techniques in a supportive and compassionate setting. Dr. Evans has helped thousands of men look and feel better. At the Glendale medical weight loss center, he and his medical staff look forward to helping you too! 


Glendale Medical Weight Loss For Men

Our AZ Medical Weight Loss Clinics specialize in medically supervised weight loss programs for men that treat each individual based on their personal needs and struggles. Each medical weight loss treatment will be under the supervision of a medical weight loss doctor and staff that support and guide you each step of the way. Through our program you will learn to manage cravings and select physical activities that promote weight loss and are within your physical ability. You will also learn what foods are best for your body and its individual needs from our expert nutritionists. To learn more about what the Men’s Vitality Center Glendale Weight Loss Clinic can do for you and to find a medical weight loss clinic near me, give us a call and schedule your first appointment.

Common Questions About Medical Weight Loss:

How does medical weight loss work?

Medical weight loss doctor, Dr. Ben Evans, will first assess the cause of your weight gain to determine if it is related to a metabolic condition, such as diabetes, or hormone imbalance. Next, a customized weight loss plan that meets your individual needs and goals will be developed that may include: An exercise regimen that takes into account any physical limitations you may have. A realistic, easy to follow dietary plan. Nutritional supplements. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT). FDA-Approved weight loss medications Ongoing counseling to support your physical and emotional well-being throughout the weight loss process and maintenance phase.

Is medical weight loss covered by insurance?

Some aspects of medical weight loss treatment are covered by most insurance providers. For example, obesity screening and counseling is considered preventative health care and is covered by insurance. Some weight loss medications require specific conditions to be met to be covered by insurance, such as a BMI of at least 27 in some instances. Other supplements or meal plans are not covered by insurance. Some exercise recommendations, such as physical therapy, may also be covered by insurance.

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