Arthritis is chronic joint pain in one or multiple joints in your body that is caused by inflammation. It causes pain, swelling, stiffness, or a combination of two or more of these symptoms at the same time. This results in limited mobility as most movements result in pain in the joints.

Causes & Symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the most common types of arthritis. The cause of osteoarthritis results from damage that can affect your joint’s cartilage (the elastic, smooth part that covers the ends of large bones and connects them). The damage may occur as a result of injury, the overuse of the joint, or from the stress on the joint. It can also be a normal result of the aging process. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs by unwanted immune activity, where your immune system attacks the linings that cover your joints resulting in damage to the joint.

How We Can Help

The main goal of arthritis treatment is to relieve the pain that is associated with bone inflammation and prevent further damage to the joint. Your doctor will prescribe the proper treatment for your condition, including medications like painkillers and anti-inflammatories. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment goal will be to stop the immune system from attacking the joints. In addition to medications, weight loss and lifestyle modifications are also a useful approach to prevent the worsening of arthritis.

At Men’s Vitality Center, our doctors will evaluate your arthritis symptoms to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. You can make an appointment at one of our convenient locations in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe or Glendale with one of our primary care physicians. Our doctors look forward to meeting you!

Common Questions About Arthritis

When should you see a doctor for arthritis?

It is important to visit a doctor if you are experiencing pain, swelling, stiffness or tenderness in the joints. These symptoms indicate arthritis. You need to have your symptoms assessed by a doctor to diagnose your specific arthritis condition and develop an accurate treatment plan. If left untreated, arthritis can cause severe joint damage that could result in pain, disability and, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, a shortened lifespan.

How is arthritis diagnosed?

We use the results of your physical exam, the symptoms you report, blood tests and sometimes x-rays to properly diagnose arthritis. During your exam we will check for swelling in the joints and loss of motion. Blood tests and x-rays will help us determine if you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

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