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Does Insurance Cover Suboxone Treatment?

Suboxone treatment is a life saving choice for many patients suffering from opioid addiction. Although cost and the question of whether insurance will cover the treatment may be a concern. Luckily, due to the awareness of the opioid epidemic, Suboxone is typically covered under most insurances. How much does Suboxone cost? Suboxone can be a…


How to Prevent or Treat Opiate Overdose from Happening

An opiate overdose is an inappropriate use of an opiate by taking more than the prescribed/recommended dose. This can be extremely harmful to the body, both mentally and physiologically. The term overdose does not refer to a specific amount of drug, but rather the wrong usage of a drug and concerning how the body reacts…


Do Not Avoid These 6 Major Signs of Low Testosterone in Men!

Low Testosterone in men can lead to many health issues and concerns. Consequently, this can lead to a decrease in overall performance and sense of well-being. Symptoms that may accompany low testosterone include: • Loss in Libido • Low Muscle Mass/Strength • Increased Fat Distribution • Weakened Bone Density • Low Red Blood Cell Production •…

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7 Natural Immune System Boosters

Immune system boosters are in high demand these days. A strong immune system protects your body against disease-causing viruses and microorganisms. When a germ evades the immune system it makes you sick. That is why a healthy immune system is so important. It can shorten how long you are sick, reduce the severity of the…


Five Tips for Finding the Right Primary Care Physician

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What are Hot Flashes in Men?

Are you trying to find what are hot flashes in men and how they can be treated? We are here to make the process easier by showing the causes, symptoms, and treatments for hot flashes in men! If you deal with this rare condition, then don’t hesitate and understand what it causes right away.  …


Short Term VS Long Term Effects of Heroin Use

Heroin use is an extremely deadly and addictive opioid drug that can lead to severe short term and long term effects. This includes personal, financial, and social changes. Unlike traditional prescription drugs/opiates, heroin is not only a very dangerous and harmful drug that often brings about chronic addiction, and death via overdose, it is also…

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Things to Know About Opioid Overdose with Vicodin, OxyContin and More

Painkiller addiction that leads to opioid overdose is a rapidly growing problem in the US. In fact, the widespread abuse of opioid dependence has reached epidemic proportions; many influential governmental players and treatment professionals alike are now actively working to find ways to end addiction to these powerful drugs, starting by raising awareness of their…


6 Quick and Easy Steps to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for sex drive in men and women. The hormone is also important to the processing of protein for strength and muscle development. The secretion of testosterone naturally declines with age, malnutrition, and illness in both men and women – though more apparent in men. Naturally increasing testosterone should be the…