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"Have you checked your T lately?"

You know the old saying "Youth is wasted on the young". You fondly remember the verve and power that you commanded when you were younger, and you think to yourself "If only I still could feel that way". You miss that youthful energy but you've just grown to accept it. 

Well you don't have to anymore!

Lack of energy, missing focus, intimacy issues and even fluctuation in your mood are all symptoms of low testosterone. At Men's Vitality Center we have the solution.

Less you forget, we are also a comprehensive Internal Medicine practice. As internists, we manage all acute and chronic adult medical issues. In fact, we would love to be your Primary Care Providers!

For your convenience, we offer medically-managed weight loss programs, flu shots, STD checks, DOT physicals, and many other medical services.

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Yes! We do accept insurance for those who meet their insurance companies criteria. Plus, we have short wait times, just walk in!

Our Testosterone Replacement Therapy WILL bring your tesoterone levels back to a youthful range.

Come in for your complete medical exam, have your testosterone level checked, and start enjoying your life again. Call or just walk on in to one of our Arizona locations.

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***No prescription will be provided unless a clinical need exists based on required lab work, physician consultation, physical examination and current medical history. Please note, agreeing to lab work and physical exam does not guarantee a finding of clinical necessity and a prescription for hormone therapy, treatment or hormone medications including testosterone or any other medical treatment based on medical treatment.

Empower yourself. Meet the new you.

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